Value-Priced Shredders, Scoops & Grinders


5 1/2" Shredder TFSH2  $5       Replacement blade TFRS2  $3 2 1/2" Mini Shredder TFSH1  $4      Replacement blade TFSR1  $3


Large Plastic Scoop  13" long. Holds about 1 kg of dense material like silica or feldspar or about 700 g of clay. Stick one in each raw material bin and never clean a scoop again!   OFSPX   $4 ea.    Buy 10 or more: $3 ea.

7.5" long. Holds about 150 g of dense material like silica or feldspar or about 100 g of clay. Keep one for each oxide or stain to prevent contamination.    OFSPS   $2 ea.    Buy 10 or more: $1.50 ea.

Heavy Duty Kiln Shelf Grinder   Grind off old kiln wash and glaze drips easily with this ribbed, abrading block fitted with a convenient handle. Also good for grinding off drips or "plucked" bits stuck to vitreous stonewares and porcelain. The block measures 3" x 6" (7.6 cm x 15.2 cm).     TFHDG   $12

Grinding Stone   All-purpose grinding stone for cleaning shelves and abrading glaze drips and plucked bits off fired clay. The 9" long contoured stone with a flat bottom widens from 2" x 1" at the ends to 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" in the middle. (23 cm long x 7 cm wide in the middle).     TGGSP  $19.95

Abrading Tool   Grind off sharp bits of clay, glaze or kiln wash to smooth and finish rough spots on fired pots. TFGGT   $8